Pottery studio and classes in Stroud, Gloucestershire, UK


Our Pottery is large and light which houses two studios, one for hand-building and the other for wheel throwing. Both are fully equipped with an extensive range of equipment to suit all needs. We have three house clays, an all purpose stoneware, red terracotta earthenware and a crank stoneware. We have three electric kilns offering the scope for large builds and small, plus a small gas kiln and offer smoke firings from time to time.

All of our classes are run in term time with closure in half terms, summer & winter breaks and bank holidays.

For beginners and intermediate learners we currently run a variety of classes listed below taught by our tutors. For experienced potters we have studio access hours where you can work on your self-directed projects by the hour on the days listed below.

For potters who would like more time in the studio we offer a supported and full Membership package, details are below.


Classes are £25.00 per session and are paid termly, all makes that are fired have an additional fee of £8 per kilo which covers all materials and both firings.

Please contact the individual tutors below for enrollment

A commitment to the whole term is essential to really develop muscle memory and embed skill sets learnt.

Throwing and Hand building with Dawn Almasi:

Monday 6:00pm – 9pm

Thursday 9:30am – 12:30 midday

Contact: fierydawn@gmail.com 07828642603

Hand building and throwing with Natalie Case:

Monday 9:30am – 12:30 midday

Monday 1:00pm – 4.00pm

Tuesday 9:30 -12:30 (12 week throwing course)

Contact: dodie.28@googlemail.com 07545915997

Hand building and wheel throwing with Ed Hill

Tuesday 6:00pm – 9pm

Hand building

Thursday 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Contact: edwoud_james@hotmail.com 07717605889

Clay for Kids with Emily Joy:

Tuesday 2pm – 3:30pm & 4:00pm – 5:30pm

Thursday 2pm – 3:30pm & 4:00 – 5:30pm

Class price on application

Contact: emilyjoysculpture@hotmail.co.uk 07963781384

All Our memberships are full

Contact: info@stroudpottery.co.uk 07545915997



   Stroud Pottery Disclaimer


·       Working with clay and glazes can be very messy, students are required to bring their own aprons and optional towel which are to taken home weekly and washed. It is best that you come in clothes and footwear that you don’t mind getting dirty. The wearing of watches or jewellery (wedding bands are exempt) should not to be worn whilst working with clay, long hair is to be tied back especially when on the wheel. Stroud Pottery CIC will not be held responsible for any damage to clothing, shoes, watches, jewellery or mobile devices whilst in the studio.

·       Coats and bags are to be kept in the cloakroom, Stroud Pottery CIC will not be responsible for any loss or damage to items left in the cloakroom or studios.

·       Unfortunately, if you miss a class this cannot be taken at a later date and no reimbursement will be offered.

·       Full attendance to the term is expected, if weeks are repeatedly missed your space will be offered to a new student on our waiting list.

·       Classes start on time, if you are late, you can still partake in the session but time cannot be made up at the end of the class, clean up should begin at the minimum of 15 mins before the end of your class to ensure time is given for the next class.

·       Classes must be paid in full before the term date commences.

·       All contributions to materials must be either paid for on the collection of work or at the end of term, no debts can be carried over to the following terms.

·       Please be aware that you are in a working studio environment and due care and attention must be given. Instructions on all equipment will be given by a qualified tutor outlining Health and Safety, Stroud Pottery CIC will not be held responsible for any injury you may incur if you do not follow the studio rules.

·       Cleaning of tools and equipment and the area you work, including the glaze area. It is expected that you clean all clay from tools and equipment for the next class, wheels are to be sponged down with clean water and all tools cleaned and put back in the buckets or the relevant storage place. Floors and walls workbenches etc surrounding your work space are to be sponged / mopped clean, this is part of working with clay and reducing the dust in the studio. Spillages of clay slops and glazing drips are to be mopped up immediately to prevent slipping.

·       Storage shelves and boxes are given to each student, it is the students responsibility to make sure their shelf and boxes are clean to reduce the contamination of dust building in the studio, please clean your storage space and box regularly.

·       No food can be consumed in the working studio. Drinks can only be consumed from a lidded cup to prevent any ingestion of clay or foreign objects; Stroud Pottery CIC will not be held responsible if these rules are broken.

·       All work made in classes will be bisque fired and glazed.  Please be aware that although that every due care and attention is given to each piece that is loaded into the kilns, we cannot be held responsible for any cracks and explosions. This is unfortunately all part of the many difficulties in working with clay, payment of these pieces is still to be made to cover the materials and firings.

·       Glaze application is a process that takes time, care and attention to detail, if glaze is applied to thickly and runs onto the kiln shelf there will be a charge to cover the cost of either a repair or replacement of the shelf as well as the cost of the piece made. Pieces that have not been cleaned properly on the bottom after glazing to remove access glaze will not be fired until clean.

·       Any equipment that is broken due to negligence or manhandling will need to be repaired or replaced by the student responsible.

·       We endeavour to have all finished work ready for collection within 5/6 weeks depending on the size and clay body of the piece. All work is to be marked with the maker’s stamp; no unnamed work will be fired.

·       There is an expectation that after learning has reached a level of competence (after 4 terms) that the student is offered a pathway to develop their individual practice through the supported memberships.

·       We want you to have the best experience during your time in our studios and part of that is making sure all participants comply with our health and safety procedures. Stroud Pottery CIC reserves the right to exclude any participant if they consistently fail to meet any of these conditions.


The Studios

Studio 1 Occupied: Harriet Cawkwell

Studio 2 Occupied Johanna Madden

Studio 3 Occupied: Johannes Stueck

Studio 4 Occupied : Milligan Beaumont

Studio 5 Occupied Dawn Almasi

Price and further information on application: info@stroudpottery.co.uk